Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Yan Chan does Suitcase Rummage

So although I have been running completely behind the times I wanted to share with you some photographs from the Suitcase Rummage from October. The day was awfully windy... stall holders were pinning down their sheets with anything the could find from suitcases to chairs to shoes and handbags just to make sure they didn't get taken on a magic carpet ride to the Queen Street Mall.. although after all attempts some did indeed go flying. Despite this windy weather it was a magical day topped off by meeting the lovely Yan Chan. I spotted this well dress gentleman by his AMAZING vintage camera. I am yet to discover exactly what it was.. but it was big, and old.... and exquisite! Anyway back on track. I got talking to Yan and discovered that he was there taking photos (on his digital SLR) for the council and photographs for his own collection on his vintage tool. A couple of weeks ago a recieved an email from him with some of the photographs he took that day.. and I must say they took my breath away. The colours just pop and he managed to get the emotion and joy in everyone on the day and I thought I would share them with you. He was again at Rummage on Sunday and I am secretly brimming with excitement to see what other wonderful images he captured from the day. You can see more of his images here from the October Suitcase Rummage.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cutting Away

Through exploring TED this week I found this wonderful talk by Beatrice Coron. I find it fascinating that she removes what is not from that story. Her work is breathtaking.

BĂ©atrice Coron: Stories cut from paper | Video on TED.com

Friday, October 28, 2011

Old Show Tunes

Now I would be lying if I said that musicals and the tunes that go with them are not a favourite in the kijaro house... so the other day in one of my light bulb ideas I acquired from my lovely father, my grandmothers record player. Although it isn't as lovely as the one I nearly bought at an estate a couple of weeks ago and have been kicking myself ever since.. it is still amazing. It proved to be a little bit of a challenge to get it going at first (helps if you press the phono button not the AUX button) but I can assure you that I have it all sorted now. The house of late has been filled with wonderful show tunes from the Sound of Music, My Fair Lady and a vast arrary of other wonderful broadway tunes mixed with some Santra and a dash of ABBA. I can say that it is wonderful to do the breakfast routine with some good old tunes with the wonderful unique sound of the original player. On a side note I am a little excited about tomorrow, the wonderful Laura from Kit and Nancy and I have a date with some yard sales, a coffee shop and maybe an oppy or two or maybe a few. I will be sure to check back let you know what our adventures entailed. kijaro xx

Monday, October 24, 2011

The new partnership, Apples and Kijaro xx

Well I must say that I have been a bit undisciplined in this blog business.. but rest assured I have had some ideas to make it happen a little more often. I am writing tonight from the Kijaro Mansion, as the lovely Laura has named it.... I am liking this one a lot better than 'The Hunting Lodge' as Amy has named it, due to the large number of porcelain animals that reside here... if you have any other suggestions I am open to them, but that is veering off track a little... I am writing to you from my lovely new abode, listening to some Frank Santra in the new/old record player, I have the house all to my self and it is quite delightful in fact... Today saw me back at work after a rather disappointing market weekend on the sale front, but on the up side I purchased some wonderful items to add to the growing collection (I hope to share those with you when I can photograph them), also I met some lovely people across the weekend at the Ipswich Environmental Festival and also Aladdin's Fair so in the end it all worked out delightful (these included LoveFromPatt and A little Vintage just to name a couple . When I wasn't marketing I managed to purchased some wonderful things from Laura with her sneak peek Yard Sale photos, if you haven't checked it out you really should and quickly.. things are not hanging round for long.... 

I think this would have to be my favourite out of all the things I have caught in just the nick of time. Although this is the third couch I have bought for the new house, (I know a little excessive) I am going to make it all work. This little beauty is a sofa bed and it is coved in the most divine fabic you have seen in the form of a couch. How could I say no really??

But to the real reason for our meeting tonight the very exciting news about the new partnership! Before I tell you about the news I want to give you the little back story first. Near my old house there is a delightful little shop with the blissful name of Apples on Ainsworth. Run by the duo of Kymberlee and Sarah this little shop is just the place for coffee, chats and catch ups of all sorts, did I mention its also a green grocer with fresh produce, herbs, honey and bread!! What more could a girl what.

 I have been past this little gem a couple of times thinking I should stop by for a taste and not just a look, and Thursday was the day. Miss Kylie and I popped in for a bit of brunch and were not disappointed. With walls covered in blackboard paint it is literally a canvas for all things vintage and lovely. The food was amazing! For under twenty dollars you could find yourself tasting beautiful food and drinking perfect tea all off mismatched vintage crockery! Defiantly worth a visit.. and make sure you take advantage of their blanket lending service for a picnic in the park. Oh, and don't forget to pick up a kijaro greeting card while your there! Yes thats right! Kijaro is now stocked at Apples on Ainsworth, now that should give you even more reason to pop in and see the girls and their beautiful shop. xx


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happenings of Late

It has been a while I know, but this have been very busy round here. After 5 weeks leave I am back at work and wishing that I was on holidays again, but never mind I have to have some form of income to support my rather expensive vintage habit. We have been to lots of markets lately including Marky Markets at West End, Suitcase Rummage and the Wynnum Spring Fair, and this weekend is shaping up to be a busy one too. We have the Suitcase Rummage at the Ipswich Environmental Festival on Saturday and the Aladdin's Fair on Sunday at Windsor. Also we have just received an email confirming our place at the new West End Twilight Markets starting on the 12th of November, all very very exciting. We have had a birthday in the house, Amy turn 23 and we had some celebrations across 2 night. For the occasion our walls got graced with its first lot of event bunting made out of an old girls annual. Although I didn't get a photo of it the right way round you get the idea. 

Sunday night saw the lovely Laura pop round for dinner and some talk about moving into the house. She bought brownie treats with her and there was a vintage and artwork swap take place. But Laura describes it a lot better than I do and you can read about it on her blog over here. I must say that I am very very flattered that she thinks my house is a wonderland (and I am very very very anxious to see what goodies she has for sale in her yard sale, one not to be missed!). I am extremely excited about having Laura join our little house I'm sure it will make for a very vintage and creative house with Amy, Laura and I. Spending too much time in op shops, learning blogging tips and generally being a lovely place to live.. and I must say the prospect of tasting Laura's treats is also a large positive! Anyway I must be off to make sure I am ready for the up coming market weekend. Kijaro xx

Monday, October 3, 2011

Doodlers, unite!

image credit

Happy Monday, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Just a small video on the Art of Doodling, let those creative juices flow and be proud to be a doodler! Hoping to check back later with photos of my weekend adventures.

Kijaro xx

Friday, September 30, 2011

A Pencil Rainbow

I thought I would share with you one of my wonderful finds from my recent trip up north. I squealed with excitement when I opened this gorgeous timber box, all the colours of the pencils just seemed to pop. Would it be nice if still made stationery like this. I hope you are having a wonderful Friday. Kijaro. xx

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Goal to Slow Down

If you ask any of my nearest and dearest I have two speeds and two speed only, they are ON or OFF. I am either running around on the highest speed that there is or I stop and go to sleep. It has got to the point that my friends tell me I have to be somewhere 1/2 an hour before I actually have to be there so that when I try and cram to much into one day that I make it to the event on time (even though I think I am late), they have even named this time as 'Kim Time'. Aside from that, when I do see them, I am ordered not to sit, lay or reside on any soft surface for fear that I will try and do a little eye lid watching. Its actually quite sad really, I am missing out on doing the things I love and spending time with my magical friends all because I am to busy trying to 'do things'. I am caught up in making everything perfect and building this wonderful life I have planned in my head, and at the end of the day, I am too tired to appreciate it. This idea has been going around for a while now, I know I need to slow down, but how is the next problem I have to tackle. I stumbled across this magic little video from TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design, a wonderful website that I discovered through Dumbo Feather Magazine, but they both deserve a post of their own). Anyway back on track,  the video titled Carl Honore praises slowness, is a 20 minute talk where Carl managed to convince me that maybe fast isn't best, and maybe I do need to find my inner tortoise, slow down and find that magical middle speed that I am yet to master. Yes indeed there are times when the adrenaline of an experience is worth while, but if I am running at full speed all the time how am I meant to appreciate everything that I work so hard for? How am I meant to form and nurture the relationships with the people I love and cherish if I am busy fitting too many things in too little time? So although I think it will be hard work I want to slow down, appreciate the small things. I want do what I really love and make sure that I don't miss the best part, actually living my life. In my light bulb moment this morning I came up with a list of ten things I want to do to make this happen. I thought I would share them with you to see what you think.

10 things I want to do to help me appreciate the small things and slow down.

1. Make more- I want to stop thinking of things I want to make or create and actually do them.

2. Keep a Journal- Take the time every day to stop and reflect about what happened in the day, what I liked and what direction I want to go to continue doing what I love. Record ideas, goals, dreams and silly little things that make me smile.

3. Bake more- appreciate the process of baking and cooking and of course the sharing and eating.

4. Spend more time with my Friends- I have a small group of very wonderful friends who I need to cherish and spend more time with.

5. Change my way of thinking- I have a habit of thinking about things WAY to much, and always thinking about the negative. Now is the time to change that and look for the positives (cliché I know, but a lot easier to say than do).

6. Read- I have a whole library and magazines that come in the mail every month, and truth be known I haven't opened or read most of the books I own, and some of my magazines are still unread on the shelf in their plastic.

7. Learn- I love learning, making and doing things with my hands. I want to find classes, groups or workshops to keep me learning and being creative.

8. Communicate more- I have friends on the other side of the world and friends and family in this very city. I want to make the effort and appreciate them and build our relationships through old fashioned letter writing.

9. Appreciate the small stuff- taking time to appreciate the little things in life. Reading the paper, seeing my Dad, cooking, making, creating and the other wonderful things in this world that I am usually to busy to appreciate.

10. Go on more picnics- spending time out doors with people I love, wonderful food and sunshine.

and to slip one last one in

11. Smile

It will take baby steps, persistence and  determination but the goal is very much worth all of that and more. I am more than will to take any advise on the topic of slowing down and any ideas you have on helping me achieve it. Well Im off to make some bunting for my beautiful new house and bake some cupcakes (the flavour is yet to be decided). I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and take the time to appreciate the small things.

kijaro xx

Monday, August 29, 2011

Running on adrenaline

After a big weekend of moving, a vintage fair yesterday, today at work 
and much unpacking and moving to go, I thought I would share
this little piece of wisdom by Happy Deliveries on etsy. 
Happy Monday and I hope it goes as well as it can.
kijaro x

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Big Day


Yesterday was one of the most wonderful days. I finally got the keys to my brand new house. After two long years on paper the final touches were on and the time had come for the big handing over of the keys. Although there was a little hiccup with the keys (they seemed to be missing in the handover pack) I handed over the final payment at about 12:30 yesterday, and finally got my keys at about four.. better late than never right. Apart from that all went well. Yesterday involved two van loads (my Dad has a giant van which has come in quite handy) and a swift load, not that it had much in it but it all helps. I made sure that I put in a couple of sentimental pieces first. I am hoping and wishing the rain goes away so today can see furniture moved with the help of some of my lovely friends. Well I best be off and pack some more but thought I would share a couple of photos with you. kijaro x

All ready to move in... just missing a driveway and landscaping.

The sentimental first item.

The welcoming party at the front door.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

All Systems Go!

Well what a couple of weeks it has been.. last week was spent preparing for the Way We Wear Vintage Fair. It was a wonderful weekend with my fair buddy Anna from La Bella Donna and many other dealers that I have befriended along the way. There were some very familiar faces and some fresh new ones too. I caught up with two of my favourites, Jim and Nina from Melbourne... they deserve a post of their own. When I was in Melbourne in May I visited their Wholesale Warehouse and nearly died!!! So much vintage in one place, I didn't know where to start. However I did leave with the most amazing leather overnight bag, which I am still chuffed that I bought home with me. Anyway back on track. I bought lots of things for me, including not one but two timber tea trays (rarer than rare in my books), a skirt from Jim and Nina, a wonderful black vintage hat, a roll of vintage wall paper, and I honestly can't remember what else. 

The wonderful roll of vintage wall paper

Full skirt bought from the Lovely Jim and Nina.
Complete with African Animals

The fair went for three days, Friday was spent setting up, and then open for trade for a couple of hours. Saturday, I couldn't help myself and went for my garage sale fix at 6am and then ran home to get ready for day two. Sunday I did venture out to the markets (in the rain mind you) and discovered a wonderful umbrella wall vase (I now have a matching set). After running through the rain, in bare feet so my ugg boots didn't get wet, to get the car I backed it up with day three!! It was a wonderful weekend but boy did it wear me out! 

Some of the goodies at the fair.

Someone finally purchased this magic ice-cream set,
I was a little devastated when it left,
but it did go to a good home.

Set of six glasses and matching jug, still available.

This week has been full on too. I get the keys to the kijaro house TOMORROW, yes tomorrow!! all systems are go, and packing and unpacking is the agenda for the next couple of weeks. I keep finding things I have forgotten I own and I honestly can not wait to find it all a place in my lovely new home. Well I best be off I have to pack more and drop off my lovely selection of sheets for the sheet swap over at green tea and red nails

Fat quarters ready to got to the sheet swap.

I hope you have a lovely day and that it stays fine today, tomorrow and Saturday (I would be ever so thankful if it stayed sunny for the move on Saturday but the forecast doesn't look so good). Okay, I'm really going now. 

Happy Thursday Everyone.
kijaro x

Friday, August 12, 2011

Good Morning World, bought to you by Vintage Dymo

because life has been so crazy lately i have by no means finished uncovering everything i bought on a recent trip up north. when the room cleaning started this morning i started sorting out some goodies i purchased from a stationary store and stumbled across two things i bought for myself (most was bought to offer to kijaro customers). what i found, with the help of amy and my dad, was not one but two vintage Dymo Labellers (it helps to have a Dad that is in wholesale stationary and a lovely friend with an eye for vintage type and packaging). 

the first labeller is the normal, well known, machine that embosses letters into coloured plastic tape. it is brand new, never been used still in its box and with its instruction book!!! unheard of these days. you will get to know that i gravitate towards anything that is in its original box with paper instructions to go with it.

i bought a few of every colour the lovely gentleman had... and left some for others when they found the magic of Vintage Dymo too.  (i should add here i have accesses to more of these wonderful tools so if you are interested just let me know and i will scout one out for you.) the owner of the shop thought i was crazy, everything i purchased from him was over 30 years old...  i collected vintage sketch pads, notebooks, pick squared paper and all will be on offer at the next suitcase rummage.. it was like i was in a dream. needless to say i spent more in one shop that i did on the entire trip, including my vintage lounge suite.

anyway back to the purpose of this post, the other find i had, which i owe to my lovely Dad was a Dymo Labeller which labels copper.. yes copper, as in metal... and its got glue on the back so you can stick it to anything.  i didn't even know these existed.... they tell me that they, back in the day cost more than i earn in a week in 2011.. they were the bees knees of the Dymo world. again it was in its original box with instructions. i took this little beauty home, and it still cost me half a weeks pay... but its just magical.

i have plans to make labels for artist books and other very special projects that i am sure are going to happen in the new studio at the new house. although the only downside is i only have a limited amount of copper tape, so we have to use it wisely.

 on a side note i get the keys to the my abode on the 26th of August and i am just a little excited, to say the least.

well i best be off, have a meeting at the house with the builder. Happy Friday everyone.

kijaro xo