Monday, August 29, 2011

Running on adrenaline

After a big weekend of moving, a vintage fair yesterday, today at work 
and much unpacking and moving to go, I thought I would share
this little piece of wisdom by Happy Deliveries on etsy. 
Happy Monday and I hope it goes as well as it can.
kijaro x

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Big Day


Yesterday was one of the most wonderful days. I finally got the keys to my brand new house. After two long years on paper the final touches were on and the time had come for the big handing over of the keys. Although there was a little hiccup with the keys (they seemed to be missing in the handover pack) I handed over the final payment at about 12:30 yesterday, and finally got my keys at about four.. better late than never right. Apart from that all went well. Yesterday involved two van loads (my Dad has a giant van which has come in quite handy) and a swift load, not that it had much in it but it all helps. I made sure that I put in a couple of sentimental pieces first. I am hoping and wishing the rain goes away so today can see furniture moved with the help of some of my lovely friends. Well I best be off and pack some more but thought I would share a couple of photos with you. kijaro x

All ready to move in... just missing a driveway and landscaping.

The sentimental first item.

The welcoming party at the front door.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

All Systems Go!

Well what a couple of weeks it has been.. last week was spent preparing for the Way We Wear Vintage Fair. It was a wonderful weekend with my fair buddy Anna from La Bella Donna and many other dealers that I have befriended along the way. There were some very familiar faces and some fresh new ones too. I caught up with two of my favourites, Jim and Nina from Melbourne... they deserve a post of their own. When I was in Melbourne in May I visited their Wholesale Warehouse and nearly died!!! So much vintage in one place, I didn't know where to start. However I did leave with the most amazing leather overnight bag, which I am still chuffed that I bought home with me. Anyway back on track. I bought lots of things for me, including not one but two timber tea trays (rarer than rare in my books), a skirt from Jim and Nina, a wonderful black vintage hat, a roll of vintage wall paper, and I honestly can't remember what else. 

The wonderful roll of vintage wall paper

Full skirt bought from the Lovely Jim and Nina.
Complete with African Animals

The fair went for three days, Friday was spent setting up, and then open for trade for a couple of hours. Saturday, I couldn't help myself and went for my garage sale fix at 6am and then ran home to get ready for day two. Sunday I did venture out to the markets (in the rain mind you) and discovered a wonderful umbrella wall vase (I now have a matching set). After running through the rain, in bare feet so my ugg boots didn't get wet, to get the car I backed it up with day three!! It was a wonderful weekend but boy did it wear me out! 

Some of the goodies at the fair.

Someone finally purchased this magic ice-cream set,
I was a little devastated when it left,
but it did go to a good home.

Set of six glasses and matching jug, still available.

This week has been full on too. I get the keys to the kijaro house TOMORROW, yes tomorrow!! all systems are go, and packing and unpacking is the agenda for the next couple of weeks. I keep finding things I have forgotten I own and I honestly can not wait to find it all a place in my lovely new home. Well I best be off I have to pack more and drop off my lovely selection of sheets for the sheet swap over at green tea and red nails

Fat quarters ready to got to the sheet swap.

I hope you have a lovely day and that it stays fine today, tomorrow and Saturday (I would be ever so thankful if it stayed sunny for the move on Saturday but the forecast doesn't look so good). Okay, I'm really going now. 

Happy Thursday Everyone.
kijaro x

Friday, August 12, 2011

Good Morning World, bought to you by Vintage Dymo

because life has been so crazy lately i have by no means finished uncovering everything i bought on a recent trip up north. when the room cleaning started this morning i started sorting out some goodies i purchased from a stationary store and stumbled across two things i bought for myself (most was bought to offer to kijaro customers). what i found, with the help of amy and my dad, was not one but two vintage Dymo Labellers (it helps to have a Dad that is in wholesale stationary and a lovely friend with an eye for vintage type and packaging). 

the first labeller is the normal, well known, machine that embosses letters into coloured plastic tape. it is brand new, never been used still in its box and with its instruction book!!! unheard of these days. you will get to know that i gravitate towards anything that is in its original box with paper instructions to go with it.

i bought a few of every colour the lovely gentleman had... and left some for others when they found the magic of Vintage Dymo too.  (i should add here i have accesses to more of these wonderful tools so if you are interested just let me know and i will scout one out for you.) the owner of the shop thought i was crazy, everything i purchased from him was over 30 years old...  i collected vintage sketch pads, notebooks, pick squared paper and all will be on offer at the next suitcase rummage.. it was like i was in a dream. needless to say i spent more in one shop that i did on the entire trip, including my vintage lounge suite.

anyway back to the purpose of this post, the other find i had, which i owe to my lovely Dad was a Dymo Labeller which labels copper.. yes copper, as in metal... and its got glue on the back so you can stick it to anything.  i didn't even know these existed.... they tell me that they, back in the day cost more than i earn in a week in 2011.. they were the bees knees of the Dymo world. again it was in its original box with instructions. i took this little beauty home, and it still cost me half a weeks pay... but its just magical.

i have plans to make labels for artist books and other very special projects that i am sure are going to happen in the new studio at the new house. although the only downside is i only have a limited amount of copper tape, so we have to use it wisely.

 on a side note i get the keys to the my abode on the 26th of August and i am just a little excited, to say the least.

well i best be off, have a meeting at the house with the builder. Happy Friday everyone.

kijaro xo

Thursday, August 11, 2011


in the rush of everyday life latly i have realised that i have managed not to post anything of over 4 months... a bit really shameful if you ask me. but i thought i would bring you all up to date with whats been happening in kijaro HQ lately. well after all the flooding stopped in queensland my house got underway and since then as made a radical transformation from a piece of dirt to this.

once it has all been finished and all the wonderful treasures of mine are thoughtfully positioned i will let you all in for a tour. As well has house building there has been lots of picnics,

a trip to Rockhampton with one of my lovely friends amy (she grew up in rocky so i had inside knowledge to all the places to go). we spent some time in Yeppoon

and not to mention a good lot of time treasure hunting for items to bring back home (although i was given 2 hour time limits in op shops). on one of this short trips i found this amazing couch. it was just there, waiting for someone to pick up where its previous owner had left off, with new foam already supplied an afternoon of sewing is on the books to cover the cushions and make it as good as new again for the house. i was just extremely lucky that my wonderful father was in cairns and could bring it back home in the truck. but that little adventure deserves a post of its own.. needless to say we had lots of fun repacking dads van.

lots of other treasures were found and they were put on show for the first time last weekend. market goers at the valley lane way markets in Winn lane on saturday got the first glimpse and a couple of my favourite pieces from the trip found new homes to go to. amy bought some lovely red velvet cupcakes from poppy cakes for afternoon tea and combined with the lovely people and flash back tunes it really was a lovely day out.

sunday morning saw the little swift off early to pick up laura and kit & nancy ready for a day of selling at at the suitcase rummage in the brisbane CBD. we made sure we were there bright and early to be set up for the day ahead. my lovely dad (pictured below) came with the luggage that the swift could not hold. kijaro held its second suitcase sale and once again only left with two of the many suitcase that were on offer. 

more of the treasures found up north went on journeys to new homes and created more room for future buying trips (i had so much fun on the last one i can not wait till we can venture out again, we have just decided we need a bigger can than the swift to get it all home). i spent half the morning unpacking and colour coding... and you can see my efforts over at the  kit & nancy blog.

it was a wonderful day with old friend and new ones too who decided to pop by and say hello (and also putting some faces to names of some of my facebook followers). some even took home a new vintage treasure and a story to go along with it. planning was made for baking dates and treasure hunting dates in the new house. 

well i best be off now, and sort of some more goodies for the way we wear fair, which kijaro will be at with the lovely anna from la bella donna next weekend. stay tuned for more details coming soon.

kijaro x