Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Yan Chan does Suitcase Rummage

So although I have been running completely behind the times I wanted to share with you some photographs from the Suitcase Rummage from October. The day was awfully windy... stall holders were pinning down their sheets with anything the could find from suitcases to chairs to shoes and handbags just to make sure they didn't get taken on a magic carpet ride to the Queen Street Mall.. although after all attempts some did indeed go flying. Despite this windy weather it was a magical day topped off by meeting the lovely Yan Chan. I spotted this well dress gentleman by his AMAZING vintage camera. I am yet to discover exactly what it was.. but it was big, and old.... and exquisite! Anyway back on track. I got talking to Yan and discovered that he was there taking photos (on his digital SLR) for the council and photographs for his own collection on his vintage tool. A couple of weeks ago a recieved an email from him with some of the photographs he took that day.. and I must say they took my breath away. The colours just pop and he managed to get the emotion and joy in everyone on the day and I thought I would share them with you. He was again at Rummage on Sunday and I am secretly brimming with excitement to see what other wonderful images he captured from the day. You can see more of his images here from the October Suitcase Rummage.


  1. Wow I had not heard of this rummage, I'm on the GC I am so going to look at registering in the new year what a great idea.

  2. You should! It is absolutely amazing. The people are wonderful, the finds are wonderful and it is just one magic hassle free market. You should pop down for the December one to have a look. They are looking at doing more in different places. They have done one on the coast this year too.