Monday, October 24, 2011

The new partnership, Apples and Kijaro xx

Well I must say that I have been a bit undisciplined in this blog business.. but rest assured I have had some ideas to make it happen a little more often. I am writing tonight from the Kijaro Mansion, as the lovely Laura has named it.... I am liking this one a lot better than 'The Hunting Lodge' as Amy has named it, due to the large number of porcelain animals that reside here... if you have any other suggestions I am open to them, but that is veering off track a little... I am writing to you from my lovely new abode, listening to some Frank Santra in the new/old record player, I have the house all to my self and it is quite delightful in fact... Today saw me back at work after a rather disappointing market weekend on the sale front, but on the up side I purchased some wonderful items to add to the growing collection (I hope to share those with you when I can photograph them), also I met some lovely people across the weekend at the Ipswich Environmental Festival and also Aladdin's Fair so in the end it all worked out delightful (these included LoveFromPatt and A little Vintage just to name a couple . When I wasn't marketing I managed to purchased some wonderful things from Laura with her sneak peek Yard Sale photos, if you haven't checked it out you really should and quickly.. things are not hanging round for long.... 

I think this would have to be my favourite out of all the things I have caught in just the nick of time. Although this is the third couch I have bought for the new house, (I know a little excessive) I am going to make it all work. This little beauty is a sofa bed and it is coved in the most divine fabic you have seen in the form of a couch. How could I say no really??

But to the real reason for our meeting tonight the very exciting news about the new partnership! Before I tell you about the news I want to give you the little back story first. Near my old house there is a delightful little shop with the blissful name of Apples on Ainsworth. Run by the duo of Kymberlee and Sarah this little shop is just the place for coffee, chats and catch ups of all sorts, did I mention its also a green grocer with fresh produce, herbs, honey and bread!! What more could a girl what.

 I have been past this little gem a couple of times thinking I should stop by for a taste and not just a look, and Thursday was the day. Miss Kylie and I popped in for a bit of brunch and were not disappointed. With walls covered in blackboard paint it is literally a canvas for all things vintage and lovely. The food was amazing! For under twenty dollars you could find yourself tasting beautiful food and drinking perfect tea all off mismatched vintage crockery! Defiantly worth a visit.. and make sure you take advantage of their blanket lending service for a picnic in the park. Oh, and don't forget to pick up a kijaro greeting card while your there! Yes thats right! Kijaro is now stocked at Apples on Ainsworth, now that should give you even more reason to pop in and see the girls and their beautiful shop. xx



  1. yay for everything! we neeeeeed to go here...soon! i'm thinking we need to feed our souls with a giant mug of chai at fundies though (inspired by siobhan's visit!) in paddo after our garage sale'ing efforts. looking forward to it! have a lovely week, stay's all moving in the right direction! woo! xx

  2. I agree.. maybe a weekend meeting should be arranged or a weekday breakfast? Im sure we can work something out. Fundies... sounds intriguing... but wonderful all at the same time. Trying to stay positive pretty lady.. one step at a time. Cant wait till Saturday and what treasures we might find. xx