Monday, September 12, 2011

The Goal to Slow Down

If you ask any of my nearest and dearest I have two speeds and two speed only, they are ON or OFF. I am either running around on the highest speed that there is or I stop and go to sleep. It has got to the point that my friends tell me I have to be somewhere 1/2 an hour before I actually have to be there so that when I try and cram to much into one day that I make it to the event on time (even though I think I am late), they have even named this time as 'Kim Time'. Aside from that, when I do see them, I am ordered not to sit, lay or reside on any soft surface for fear that I will try and do a little eye lid watching. Its actually quite sad really, I am missing out on doing the things I love and spending time with my magical friends all because I am to busy trying to 'do things'. I am caught up in making everything perfect and building this wonderful life I have planned in my head, and at the end of the day, I am too tired to appreciate it. This idea has been going around for a while now, I know I need to slow down, but how is the next problem I have to tackle. I stumbled across this magic little video from TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design, a wonderful website that I discovered through Dumbo Feather Magazine, but they both deserve a post of their own). Anyway back on track,  the video titled Carl Honore praises slowness, is a 20 minute talk where Carl managed to convince me that maybe fast isn't best, and maybe I do need to find my inner tortoise, slow down and find that magical middle speed that I am yet to master. Yes indeed there are times when the adrenaline of an experience is worth while, but if I am running at full speed all the time how am I meant to appreciate everything that I work so hard for? How am I meant to form and nurture the relationships with the people I love and cherish if I am busy fitting too many things in too little time? So although I think it will be hard work I want to slow down, appreciate the small things. I want do what I really love and make sure that I don't miss the best part, actually living my life. In my light bulb moment this morning I came up with a list of ten things I want to do to make this happen. I thought I would share them with you to see what you think.

10 things I want to do to help me appreciate the small things and slow down.

1. Make more- I want to stop thinking of things I want to make or create and actually do them.

2. Keep a Journal- Take the time every day to stop and reflect about what happened in the day, what I liked and what direction I want to go to continue doing what I love. Record ideas, goals, dreams and silly little things that make me smile.

3. Bake more- appreciate the process of baking and cooking and of course the sharing and eating.

4. Spend more time with my Friends- I have a small group of very wonderful friends who I need to cherish and spend more time with.

5. Change my way of thinking- I have a habit of thinking about things WAY to much, and always thinking about the negative. Now is the time to change that and look for the positives (cliché I know, but a lot easier to say than do).

6. Read- I have a whole library and magazines that come in the mail every month, and truth be known I haven't opened or read most of the books I own, and some of my magazines are still unread on the shelf in their plastic.

7. Learn- I love learning, making and doing things with my hands. I want to find classes, groups or workshops to keep me learning and being creative.

8. Communicate more- I have friends on the other side of the world and friends and family in this very city. I want to make the effort and appreciate them and build our relationships through old fashioned letter writing.

9. Appreciate the small stuff- taking time to appreciate the little things in life. Reading the paper, seeing my Dad, cooking, making, creating and the other wonderful things in this world that I am usually to busy to appreciate.

10. Go on more picnics- spending time out doors with people I love, wonderful food and sunshine.

and to slip one last one in

11. Smile

It will take baby steps, persistence and  determination but the goal is very much worth all of that and more. I am more than will to take any advise on the topic of slowing down and any ideas you have on helping me achieve it. Well Im off to make some bunting for my beautiful new house and bake some cupcakes (the flavour is yet to be decided). I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and take the time to appreciate the small things.

kijaro xx

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