Thursday, August 25, 2011

All Systems Go!

Well what a couple of weeks it has been.. last week was spent preparing for the Way We Wear Vintage Fair. It was a wonderful weekend with my fair buddy Anna from La Bella Donna and many other dealers that I have befriended along the way. There were some very familiar faces and some fresh new ones too. I caught up with two of my favourites, Jim and Nina from Melbourne... they deserve a post of their own. When I was in Melbourne in May I visited their Wholesale Warehouse and nearly died!!! So much vintage in one place, I didn't know where to start. However I did leave with the most amazing leather overnight bag, which I am still chuffed that I bought home with me. Anyway back on track. I bought lots of things for me, including not one but two timber tea trays (rarer than rare in my books), a skirt from Jim and Nina, a wonderful black vintage hat, a roll of vintage wall paper, and I honestly can't remember what else. 

The wonderful roll of vintage wall paper

Full skirt bought from the Lovely Jim and Nina.
Complete with African Animals

The fair went for three days, Friday was spent setting up, and then open for trade for a couple of hours. Saturday, I couldn't help myself and went for my garage sale fix at 6am and then ran home to get ready for day two. Sunday I did venture out to the markets (in the rain mind you) and discovered a wonderful umbrella wall vase (I now have a matching set). After running through the rain, in bare feet so my ugg boots didn't get wet, to get the car I backed it up with day three!! It was a wonderful weekend but boy did it wear me out! 

Some of the goodies at the fair.

Someone finally purchased this magic ice-cream set,
I was a little devastated when it left,
but it did go to a good home.

Set of six glasses and matching jug, still available.

This week has been full on too. I get the keys to the kijaro house TOMORROW, yes tomorrow!! all systems are go, and packing and unpacking is the agenda for the next couple of weeks. I keep finding things I have forgotten I own and I honestly can not wait to find it all a place in my lovely new home. Well I best be off I have to pack more and drop off my lovely selection of sheets for the sheet swap over at green tea and red nails

Fat quarters ready to got to the sheet swap.

I hope you have a lovely day and that it stays fine today, tomorrow and Saturday (I would be ever so thankful if it stayed sunny for the move on Saturday but the forecast doesn't look so good). Okay, I'm really going now. 

Happy Thursday Everyone.
kijaro x

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