Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Quite Moments

quite moments in the mornings at the kijaro house

Life is crazy, no matter who you ask, everyone is busy. I am no exception. Sometimes I feel like I am in a circus, with trapeze artists, jugglers, clowns, horses, monkeys, and many many ring leaders. I feel that throughout the day I change rolls. I might be the clown for a second and then end up riding upside down on a horse trying to make it look easy. Its non stop, and really its all a show, a game. 

We all live in our own circus, and sometimes its a blast, and other times you wish the curtain would just close for a day, and let you and your world, catch up. You wish that you could just take time out for you and then take a moment to reflect. 

What I am learning, and that has been a journey across the past few months is, that it doesn't just stop, you have to make it. 

You have to find time within your circus, to sit, reflect and enjoy how far you have come. It really does wonders for you. I was always under the belief that you have to keep going, keep pushing and keep working. But recently I have found, that if you don't stop, and don't rest, and don't take time for you, then the circus game will consume you. 

Although I know all of this, and I am learning I need to reflect and slow down (sometimes), it is still a very hard thing to do. I still feel guilty when I spend a day not working on something. But you have to take a different view. If you spend time with a loved one, its working on your relationship. If you spend time by yourself, its working on your creativity, or your mental health. Lately I have been trying to take time to journal, draw, or even just sit with a cup of tea and reflect. Just to work on myself a little bit, and you know what, I have been joying those little moments. 

I have found in our house, the best time to do this for me is in the mornings. The sun is rising, the light is beautiful, the world is quite, and everyone in our house is still asleep (except for me). It has been lovely to boil the jug, make a cup of tea and sit, by myself and reflect. 

I have found that by doing this I realise that life really isn't that bad, the circus is entertaining and that through out my life so far I have done ok (sometimes, you are your own worst critic). Sure I have faults, and sure things are perfect, but you know what, thats ok, I am on this journey, and if you want to change something, there is no time like the present. The other thing that I have learnt is you need to dream. You need to have goals and  you need to grab them with both hands. If you don't strive for your dreams and do something every day to help get you there, no one else will! 

You have a one life and you can build it into what ever you want to. 

You are the only one holding you back!

So grab a cuppa, and sit for a moment this morning, take time out from your circus and enjoy the moment you have, however fleeting and reflect, dream and plan. It will give you a new perspective to start the day with and a new perspective to create the rest of your life!

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