Monday, September 16, 2013

The Fear of the Digital World.

Now don't get me wrong, the digital world that we have is amazing! We have instant access to our friends and family across the globe (both the ones we know personally and the ones we know through their online profiles). We have the joys of sharing moments on instagram, blogs and email. You can instantly 'google' it to get the answer you want in just 10 seconds flat. And I am the first to say that I love all of it. We are so very lucky to have this access, however building the kijaro presence in the digital world scares me silly. 

Recently the lovely Amy from the typesmitheryeffect built me a website using an e-commerce site, I was so lucky that I really didn't have to do much, except list items and put in my terms and conditions (which actually took me 4 months, due to the above mentioned fear). A few weeks ago we discovered a flaw in the website which could not be fixed except for paying a third party check out system, which I didnt want to do. 

This has lead to, in the past week a total restructure of the website. The taking down of the old website, putting up a landing page, finding a new ecommerce store, and new website and soon to be new blog. While this is all exciting and a new opportunity to learn, the digital world terrifies me. I don't know if it is because I cant touch it or hold it, or I cant just cut and paste, but in all honesty it sends fear running through my veins! I think it might be because I don't understand it.. code, html, terms and conditions, sub-domains, ecommerce, links and all the other techno jargon! 

Put me in someones garage and tell me to rummage and I'm in heaven, tell me to build a website and I will run faster than a vintage treasure hunter heading to an estate!

My head has been spinning, but something crazy has happened, I have found it quite rewarding trying to do it myself. Yesterday I spoke with the VERY help full tech guru on my hosting website, (who I think secretly wanted me not to have my hosting with them) to assist me to get a landing page up with a shop link, to the new kijaro shop site and have also started to set up the new website. I have been receiving guidance from Amy, but all in all, I have been doing it all myself. Changing code, taking photos, editing them photoshop, finding templates and you know what, it still scares me but  I am so proud I am doing it myself.

I have control (sort of, despite the moments of running to hide under my vintage hospital bed, rocking back and forward, wishing I could just cut and paste my website with paper and glue), I am starting to understand it all (even if it just a little bit), and feeling like a bit of a tech nerd (until I find a word or concept I just don't understand!). I have a long way to go, but its getting there, so this lead me to the exciting stuff! 

Keep an eye out on the shop for new treasures popping up, and also keep an eye on the website. Its all systems go here at kijaro, and Im so very glad to share it with you all!

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