Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Weekend to Tinker and Get Shit Done.

After weeks and weeks of being out and about all week and weekend, I decided that this weekend would be one spent at home tinkering away. Although we headed out yesterday for the Brisstyle Seminar on Selling Online we have done just that, and it has been delightful.

Yesterday Miss Amy and I headed along to the Kedron Library, with many familiar faces, to listen to people in the know such as Kirsten from Each to Own and Jess Van Den from Epheriell Designs / Bespoke Zine and many more about the dos and donts about selling online. It was so lovely to hear other peoples experiences and also hear what they had to say about being a tadpole in a very VERY large ocean. It think the most inspiring thing that I took away was their advice to just do it.... stop being concerned about your photographs, or anything else for that matter and just jump in. As one of the speakers said, your style will develop and your photographs will get better but its just about taking that first step. (I can recommend the Brisstyle seminars, you should head over and check them out. But be sure to register).

And that is exactly what I'm doing with the wonderful help of one Miss Amy Melksham. Not being one for computer, technology things, Amy has been so wonderful in helping me getting set up with a new website, logo, and all that jazz, (If you are looking for some help in the design world, she is defiantly your lady to talk to) ready for tonights launch of our new Facebook page, Kijaro. We have been busy this weekend photographing things ready for our 7pm vintage sale. It will be the place to be so be sure to head over to our Facebook page to see what treasure we will have.

I can't wait to see you all there. I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend op shopping, marketing and garage sale-ing, we would love to see what you all picked up.

I best be off now to get ready for 7pm tonight. But I will leave you with a few instagram photos from our day yesterday.

A quick snap shot from yesterdays Brisstyle Seminar

Behind the scenes of this mornings early photoshoot.

Come on over and see our new Facebook home.

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