Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Inspiration via. Kit and Nancy

I don't know about you but here at kijaro we are constantly looking for inspiration. While there are many many avenues that you might look to get those creative juices flowing there always seems to be a couple of sources that just shine. One of those shinning stars in our world is none other than Miss Laura from Kit and Nancy, who we are lucky enough to call one of our vintage loving friends. (There has been many an op-shopping adventure, and one mighty kerbsiding trip, but thats for another day)

This lovely young lady never ever ceases to amaze us. She is a lady that is true to her heart, her thoughts, her friends and her passions. She never takes a decision lightly if it might go against any of the previous mentioned things. She is an op shopping fiend, quite like myself (but this op shopping behaviour has slowed quite considerably, with love strings calling her to Europe in March but you can read more about that on her blog), and just has a way with vintage florals and patterns. She just has an eye I tell you!

Laura and her wonderful blog and instagram (@kitandnancy), literally just see the world through rose coloured glasses and everything can be framed, photographed or filed for inspiration. She sees beauty in this world where others just can't seem too. And it is for these reasons that we really thing you should head over and check out her lovely world, thats of course if you haven't already heard of her. I assure you if you love vintage, patterns, art, and all things beautiful you will just love this ladies work.... Oh!!! and also if baked goods are you thing, this woman has the ombre cake practiced to perfection. And wallpaper I can't forget wallpaper.

Also I must add before I really should head to work, that she is taking part in an exhibition on the 1st of September with a bunch of other equally as incredible artists called Reframed at the White Canvas Gallery in the Valley. Don't miss this chance to pick up your very own Kit and Nancy artwork before she follows her calling to Europe.

The one and only Laura from Kit and Nancy

A bit of chair love

Patterns galore 

living like a local in Europe.


  1. gosh you're beautiful! thank you for the lovely words. you're a treasure. xx

  2. You are more than welcome! they are all true!