Thursday, April 7, 2011

a time piece of history

a short while ago I put on lay-by this beautiful time piece from Harrington Antiques. i ventured into the shop one day, i had always driven past and admired the glistening chandeliers in the front window, and found this beautiful time piece. after a very short discussion (he told me the price and i said yes) i took the steps in making it mine. i finally picked it up last week and am now looking into getting it restored to go into my new house over the buffet in the kitchen.

the clock itself is double sided and hangs by two chains. it was taken out of a railway station in the eighties, when the clocks were upgraded and tossed away. a very lovely gentleman rescued it and through a couple of hands it came to me. why anyone would want to dispose of it has me stumped but it will take pride of place in my new abode in a couple of months.


  1. Love love love it! Nice to see you are finding time to post. Any chance of seeing some of your house plans or progress. I am a complete busy body of anything house/renovation related- it's always great to see things evolving and as it is so slow at my place it's a good option to live vicariously through other peoples more speedy builds/renovations. Mel ( from Rummage).

  2. Hi Mel! thank you for your comment, its great to see people actually read my ramblings. i will work on another house specific post for you, otherwise you can have a look at my facebook page, kimberley robinson. but will try to put a couple of photos on a post up.

    thanks Cecila. :D i am a little in love with it.