Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Adventures

today was meant to be a making day.. however it turned into an exploring day. i ventured to my three favourite shops (and a few more), and found some little treasures... some of which can be seen here.

i browsed one of my favourite bookshops, which looks like this...

and came out with a couple of books on design and colour use in design.

although i found lots of little things to pass on to my lovely customers in one of the antique centres i there were a couple of things i found to add to my private collection.. one of which was this little book, ' Around the Corner and other bits and pieces of verse and prose'. its simple line illustrations are teamed with delightful words and is a pleasure to read. just another little book to add to my growing collection.

gifted at christmas in 1947

i also stumbled across these divine set of five black and white gayware canisters... 

set of five canisters, coffee, tea, rice, sugar and flour.

i am absolutely in love... and am kicking myself that i can not afford them right at this second. they would sit perfectly in my new black and white kitchen that is coming with my new house. i am hoping that when i get back from my little journey to melbourne that they will still be there and thus be mine (on layby of course). fingers crossed, actually everything crossed. i also fell in love this this victorian inlayed timber jewellery box. sometimes i wonder how i got my champagne taste on a beer budget.

i finished off my morning exploring with a late home made lunch of avocado on toast... 

it doesn't look that appetising
but it was pretty tasty.
i had to make a few adjustment for
the fact i didn't have a ripe avocado

ready for the afternoon and evening adventures that are ready to be had.

and a status up-date and pictures for those who are interested, my house is now bricked all the way around and to the roof. we are nearly at lock up stage and i am getting more and more excited by the day. kim xo


  1. Oh you went to the WAC, didn't you?! anytime you're ready to shop for me let me know!

  2. I love days that become unexpected treasure hunts! Hope those fabulous canisters wait for you ;)

  3. Hi Heather.. i know its been a while but about 3 weeks ago i went and made sure they were mine.. I will post a picture when the house is finished of them in their new home.