Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Home love. x

its a funny thing, when i was at home with my parents my space (my room and studio) was a treasure trove, but with limited storage and space it was a mismatched squashed arrary of delightful things. now that i have been in my lovely home for nearly 2 years now (which has come around so quickly) i have learnt to love my space, respect it and use it as a canvas to show off all the treasures i have collected and let the house move with my needs. 

sometimes though, you just need that little fire cracker to get you going. some time ago the lovely Hannah from Lost in wishful thinking approached me to photography my home. i was so excited and so petrified at the same time (buying, selling and collecting vintage isnt always as tidy as everyone thinks!), as well as this with vintage fairs, deadlines and life some sections, in particular my studio, hadnt made it to magazine perfection. 

given a deadline, which i moved a couple of times, a fortnight ago Hannah came over and visited, we had tea and chats, and i shared stories of treasures collected and how much of a small world it really is, with everyone knowing everyone. i was so excited to share my home, and also so grateful for the gentle push i was given to turn my storage studio into a beautiful space i can share with people and get my creative juices flowing. 

Hannah did such an amazing job, as you can see below or through her blog here. she is looking for homes to photograph for her blog, so if you have a great house, or need a deadline to work to make a great home get in touch with Hannah.

i hope you all enjoy the images as much as i do. 

kijaro x

my charming Dad

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